I'd like to know what you're doing.

Larry asked Amy to go to the store to buy some bread.

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Srivatsan certainly isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

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Can I have two hamburgers and a coke, please?

The policeman fined him.

The flag of the Czech Republic is almost the same as that of the Philippines.

The boy stepped on my foot on purpose.

Mariou only drinks that brand of beer.


Esperanto is a cool language!

I am fortunate enough to have access to an excellent library.

Ernest doesn't study as hard as he should.

If I had your looks, I think I'd hang myself.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was scared and didn't know what to do.


Becky often uses vulgar language.


She advises him on technical matters.

Over the last hundred years, there have been twenty-seven recorded deaths from spider bites in Australia.

I cannot jump to the sea. I don't know how to swim.

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We were both wrong.

I hope that you will arrive in Rome soon.

Do you want help with that?

People in Minnesota are nice.

Roderick persuaded Rebecca to join our band.

Give Lea a drink.

I owe it all to you.

Albert stared blankly.

How did you lose your leg?

We were so close.

I never touched Lonhyn.


"Is he a psychiatrist?" "No, he's one of the patients."

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In case I don't survive, preserve my brain.

True art of life is to see the extraordinary amongst the ordinary.

Everything in this crane is computer-controlled.

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When I got to school, the race had already finished.


She dances well, but she has to move more.

Let's give it a rest.

I want to take part to the next triathlon.


I can't believe I'm sitting next to Dori.

Knut was here all day.

Gardening has been popular for some years.

We came fearfully close to the Sun's orbit because we launched from the wrong side of Mercury.

Thank you for meeting me.

Lord suggested that we leave right away before it started to rain.

It was an argument of little substance.

Karen slowly pushed open the door and looked into the room.

I didn't think it would hurt so much.

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Never choose a vocation just because your friends are in it, nor refuse another just because your worst enemy is in it.

How does one change his views?

After he was drunk in the beef barbecue restaurant, he had vomited around over.

Once upon a time there lived a queen whose heart was sore because she had no children.

The scholarship made it possible for me to continue my studies.

I'll go in first.

What do you plan to do this summer?

I quite agree.

Let's see if we can pry this door open.

What's your favorite cheap wine?

Many stars are forming within the galaxy.

We need to find a way to help Maureen.

Spock won't be forgotten.

Joon wanted Donnie to stay.

I feel like I've known Anna forever.


I like them all.

In hotels, it's customary to install wall-to-wall carpeting.

Do you have to be good at sight-reading in order to be a studio musician?


I don't know it. Nor does he.

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Our town was added to the list of the most beautiful towns in the country.

Herman is incredibly talented.

Three hours of driving has worn me out. Let's pull over at the next rest stop we see.


I have the internet on my phone.

One of the restaurant's most popular dishes is a bed of oysters on the half shell.

Kirsten might talk to Ramesh.

Do you ever dream about flying through the sky?

I was writing a letter when he came.

The boat was seen to draw apart from the others.

It would be to your advantage to study Spanish.

I'm not in the least afraid of it.

Hillary has done his work well.

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A storm kept the ship from leaving Kobe.

Master Ode, surrounded by the emperor's guards, continued fighting.

Teachers often buy school supplies with their own money.

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To tell truth, I find discussions about life more interesting than life itself.

Sandra wants to feed the birds in the park.

I lent him some money, but he hasn't returned it yet.

Why did you move here?

"May I use your dictionary?" "By all means."

Ssi has returned from Boston.

How will they cope?


I knew I came to the right place.

Hartmann pulled up in his car.

You have only to read a few pages of this book.

Meg is about the same height as Ken.

At the end of March we'll marry.

There were about a thousand people.

If we don't catch the train we shall be in a hole.

He made his way to the minister.

I have nothing to do with the crime.

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Jeff sat down next to Glynn on the sandy beach.


The men's room is on the right, and the women's is on the left.


Leave that job to the experts!

Tarmi walked up to one of the houses and knocked the door.

Does this credit card work internationally?

We're going to make changes.

Can I borrow your glasses?

It is less humid today than it was yesterday.

The view for the country's future is bright.

I don't like drip coffee.

He was suspended from school for a week for bad conduct.

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Eat me!

Let's get ready.

Guillermo said that he was angry.

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Get me another lawyer.

Manavendra realized he'd said way too much.

I'm not dressed.

I'll take these roses.

She was eyeing the girl's beautiful ring.

Ming Xiao doesn't know yet where he will go next year.

American movies are popular around the world.

Don't talk to the press.

Nancy had never seen a giant panda.

Ignore it.

We talked about this before.

I often played tennis with her.

The hunter shot a fox.

Narendra has tried everything.

I'll never forget how kind Skef was to everyone.

Vince is staying with his relatives in Boston for the next three weeks.

A doctor told me that eating eggs was bad for me.

Van isn't as happy as he seems to be.

I'm not confident that I can translate this book.


And, though many people seemingly still have not noticed this, Esperanto is not a project anymore; it is a language.

She is the only trustee of the university who never attended it as a student.

Mehrdad's prints are on the gun.

I don't plan to hang out tonight. I need to prepare for my lessons.

The police caught the burglar red-handed.


Do you work there, too?

Let's sit down on the bench.

It's odd.


Follow your heart, for it never lies.


I'm leaving because I don't want to keep standing around.

Shouldn't you be helping me?

You're mumbling again.


I tried not to do that.

Uri arrived in this prison in 1976.

Juergen would want you to have this.

I don't believe a word of what people have been saying about her.

When an Uyghur met a Belarusian, what language did the two speak to each other?

Reiner doesn't like having his picture taken.

Your account of the accident corresponds with the driver's.

Among the participants, President Shimon Peres was conspicuous by his absence.

I want to live a carefree life in the country.

Smoking harms your health.

Gigi is the legal owner of this piece of land.

Could you ring up these books for me?

Did you ask Philippe why he wasn't here yesterday?

I'll be there as soon as possible.

I whispered to him to come in.

I was about to commit suicide.

I want her to stop.

Many children are yelling annoyingly.

I'm a twin.

You're indispensable.

We haven't won anything yet.

You have to act like an adult.

Wife and children are hostages given to fortune.

He tried to concentrate on the letter.

I didn't like my name when I was young.

It must be a big list.

My teacher usually gives a lot of homework.


I haven't seen Bill for a long time.

He understands the risks.

Even though Jane didn't want to go to the party, he went because he thought he'd see Ken there.